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Support from our community keeps the art of ikebana alive in Sacramento and surrounding counties. Your generous gifts help us fund the promotion of the art form through professional master level demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions and education.

We strive to continue to build strong relationships through community outreach exhibitions, venues and events with organizations such as:

*The California Museum

*The Crocker Art Museum

* American River Conservancy-Wakamatsu Farm

* The Sacramento Camellia Society

* Sacramento Public Libraries

* Arts and Culture El Dorado

* The Davis Cherry Blossom Festival

* Jan Ken Po Gakko

* The Buddhist churches of Sacramento and Stockton

Our aim is to expand our vision to inspire, educate and transform lives through the art of ikebana.  Our Chapter's objective is to strive to stimulate, cultivate and perpetuate the study of ikebana and related arts and culture throughout the world.

Support Us

Two Ways to Donate:

(Direct) IRS 501(c)(4)
Ikebana International Sacramento Chapter #26
II Sacramento Direct Donation

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

 IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Ikebana IWAYA Fund (IIF)

The Ikebana Iwaya Fund (IIF) is an IRS 501(c) (3) non-profit organization established to provide support for ikebana activities.  For individuals considering making a Tax 
Exempt Donation this may be the appropriate option.  Please refer to your tax professional to ensure you qualify for the tax exemption.   IIF serves as a vehicle for donations to a donor-designated Ikebana International chapter and Ikebana activities.

When donating through IIF for Ikebana International Sacramento Chapter #26, use the following information in the DONATION TO section of the IWAYA FUND website Donation Form:


Donation to:                             Ikebana International Chapter

Designated Organization:   I.I. Sacramento Chapter #26

Name of Contact:                  Helen Tashima (Treasurer)

Address:                                     2204 Amador Avenue

                                                      Davis, CA 95616


Phone Number:                       530-756-5750

Donation Forms
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