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President's Message

Dear members and friends,

As we start February I hope this finds you all well. As we continue to deal with this pandemic there is now hope on the horizon with the beginning of vaccinations. I have friends in Washington state who have already received their first vaccine. Once we are vaccinated there is high hope we can begin meeting in person once again. I miss being able to see and hug people. Ron Brown said he misses hearing people's voices.

Fortunately for us and great technology we are able to have Zoom meetings and demonstrations. On January 18th our chapter put on a Zoom demonstration by Sandra Hatcher, Terry Herink and Chieko Hirai-Brim of the ikenobo school. It was WOW and so inspiring (see pages 8–10). As many of you know, ikenobo is the oldest school of ikebana. It is universally admired even by novices. Sandra Hatcher also demonstrated for us about 1 1/2 years ago at the Wakamatsu anniversary celebration.

Please check your email for the announcement of I.I. headquarters’ New Year Gathering, an online celebration taking the place of the traditional New Year Luncheon (page 6). HQ requested photos from all Chapters, so we hope we will be represented and celebrated.

This month I have a few Japanese words for you:

Rikka—probably the most difficult style in ikenobo. There are two: Rikka Shofutai with traditional form (photo, this page, arranged by Sandra Hatcher sensei), and seven or nine elements, and Rikka Shimputai with no set form (see page 8).

Sho Chiku Bai, also referred to as The Three Friends of Winter, are pine, bamboo, and plum, respectively. Known by similar names across East Asia, they symbolize longevity, flexibility, and spirit. Jane Naito of sogetsu recently demonstrated a Sho-Chiku-Bai arrangement (see page 11).

I hope that somehow I have inspired you to do some at-home

arrangements. Please plan to participate in our upcoming events if you can. It is the way we stay connected.

Yours in friendship through flowers, Bonnie Lopez, Co-President

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